Bromium homeopathy uses in hindi

Make a Donation Join Login. Natural History. Solution in distilled water. Breast, cancer of. Croup Diphtheria. Feet, pain in. Fistula lachrymalis. Glands, enlargement of. Heart, disease of, hypertrophy of. Parotid gland, induration of. Respiration, affections of. Seaside, effects of.

Testicles, induration of. Throat, sore. Tonsils, enlarged, inflamed. Trachea, irritation of. Tumour of breast. Uterus, air in. Vagina, air in. Bromine forms a leading constituent in the mineral waters of Kreutzach and Wood hall.

It is a predominantly left-side medicine. It affects particularly the internal head, left side. It is suited to blue-eyed, fair people opposite Iod. The glands thyroid, testes, maxillary, parotid are swollen and indurated. There is much anxiety of mind, a fear of ghosts or visions when in the dark. Like the other Halogens, Bromine is a strong antiscorbutic.

It has better at the sea-side opposite Nat-m. Migraine chiefly left side, worse from stooping, especially after drinking milk. It has a peculiar vertigo: sensation deep in brain as if vertigo would come on, tendency to fall backward, worse at the sight of running water, or if he put his foot on a bridge, worse in damp weather.

Vertigo with nose-bleed. Soreness and crusts inside nose.The present study evaluates the action of Bromium 30C in reducing serum IgE levels. Objective: To assess the variation of serum IgE levels before, during and after intervention with Bromium 30C. Materials and Methods: Thirty cases of atopic respiratory complaints diagnosed based on clinical history, CMDT guidelines and serum IgE values during the first visit were selected as per the inclusion criteria using purposive sampling technique.

Bromium 30C was prescribed for these cases and followed for 3 months.


Bromium 30C was repeated twice daily for 2 weeks and placebos were administered in between. Serum IgE values were checked every month. Conclusion: There is a significant reduction in serum IgE levels in cases of atopic respiratory complaints during and after homoeopathic treatment with Bromium 30C. Users Online Paul WE. Fundamental Immunology. Are the clinical effects of homeopathy placebo effects? A meta-analysis of placebo-controlled trials.

Lancet ; Are the clinical effects of homoeopathy placebo effects? Comparative study of placebo-controlled trials of homoeopathy and allopathy. Clinical trials of homoeopathy. BMJ ; ARIA update: I — Systematic review of complementary and alternative medicine for rhinitis and asthma. J Allergy ClinImmunol ; Ghosh S, Saha S. Allied health — Homeopathy in treating allergic rhinitis — An interventional pilot study. Is homoeopathy a placebo response? Controlled trial of homoeopathic potency, with pollen in hayfever as model.

Br Med J ; An overview of two Cochrane systematic reviews of complementary treatments for chronic asthma: Acupuncture and homeopathy. Respir Med. Ziment I, Tashkin DP. Alternative medicine for allergy and asthma. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology ; Boericke W. Pocket Manual of Homoeopathic Materia Medica.In serious asthmatic attacks, physicians of the old system of medicine utilise steroids.

These are no doubt, great as they reduce the life threatening symptoms of asthma. Despite their essential value, however, steroids do not cure the disease and the side effects from their long term use are so serious that even the American Academy of Allergy does not condone their use except in life threatening situations. Inhalers are useful when used correctly for less severe symptoms of asthma as they have less severe side effects generally.

Inhalers dry the lung secretions making it difficult for the asthmatics to clear their chest and throat from mucus and clog their breathing passages. This is why homeopathic medicines are more trustworthy and workable under such circumstances. Most commonly a single medicine is not enough to effect a cure and a series of medicines over a period of several months or years are needed.

The homeopathic physician should himself bear this in mind and tell the patient accordingly. The medicines should be changed only when it has stopped to do any further good. Asthma is assumed to be due to spasm of muscular coats of smaller bronchi. Asthma is caused due to the narrowing of the windpipe which results in obstruction of breathing along with cough and expectoration.

bromium homeopathy uses in hindi

Allergy to dust, pallurts, hay or pollen, mental tensions, depression or anxiety, improper dietary habits, consumption of unsuitable food or very cold food or cold drinks, very spicy, pungent, dry and oily foods, certain diseases such as cardiac failure, allergic rhinitis and allergic disorders of the skin are known to cause asthma.

These airways carry oxygen to the blood, and the length and severity of an attack can be fatal. Because the drugs that treat attacks increase oxygen levels in the blood, helping muscles to work harder and longer, many are banned for Olympic competitors. Aconitum ferox 3C One dose only Every 2 hour during attacks: Asthmatic attacks worse after midnight and on motion.

Dry, short cough. Should be repeated frequently during the attack. Ambra grisea One dose only : Asthma on attempting coition. Asthma accompanied by cardiac symptoms. Amylenum nit. Q One dose dailyPassiflora Q One dose daily : During the attack of asthma a teaspoon full of water containing 10 drops of Passiflora Q and smelling of Aml-ns. Q on cotton or handkerchief gives immediate relief.

Antimonium tart. One dose only : Great rattling of mucus but very little is expectorated. Rapid, short and difficult breathing. Must sit up or lie on the right side for relief.

bromium homeopathy uses in hindi

Arsenicum alb. One dose only : Asthma worse midnight. Unable to lie down, fears suffocation. Burning in the chest. Expectoration is scanty and frothy.

Wheezing respiration. For treatment give 30 potency and during attack give potency in alteration with Blatta orientalis It offers great relief. Aspidosperma Q Twice a day : A tonic for the lungs.

Removes temporary obstruction of the oxidation of blood by stimulating respiratory centres.

Bromium Homeopathic Medicine – Bromium 30

It is very useful in cardiac asthma. Blatta orient.Bromine — Br. Solution in distilled water. In order to gain a greater understanding of Bromium, I think it is best to examine the different pathological states which can be cured with this remedy and compare Bromium to other remedies with which it can be confused.

bromium homeopathy uses in hindi

The first thing to strike in this remedy is the inflammation, infiltration, enlargement and finally hardening of the glands. The glands that inflame eventually become enlarged and hard. This process is one of petrification.

The glands generally remain hard for very long periods and very seldom suppurate. All the glands can be affected: ovaries, testes, submaxillary, sublingual, parotid, thyroid, mammary and prostate glands may enlarge and harden.

The thyroid may bulge at one side, and may be so hard, as to restrict the movement of the head, and yet there may be no other symptoms. The inflammation process is slow, and the swelling increases over a long period of time without ever reaching suppuration. This is one of the differential points with Belladonna, a remedy with which Bromium could be confused.

Bromium has symptoms such as emaciation, infiltration of glands, general weakness and perspiration. Therefore we may expect it to be curative in conditions like tuberculosis and cancer and palliative in AIDS. Cancerous infections of the body, especially of the mammae, may respond to this remedy. The mammae become as hard as stone with an irregular surface, as if there were hard knots tied together in a mass. In such conditions you should not only think of con.

As the legs become weak and tremble with growing prostration, with tremulous weakness, fainting and infiltration of glands, the case may resemble chronic fatigue syndrome. Here you may find a similarity with Gels. Another important symptom for Bromium is asthmatic attacks, particularly asthmatic respiration in sailors as soon as they go ashore.

Here the remedy should be compared to Medorrhinum, as the difference between being at sea and on land is tremendous. The condition is much better at the sea-side or travelling by sea. Thus Bromium is the exact opposite to Natrum mur. You will also find asthmatic respiration at night, after measles. The attacks are characterised by difficulty in breathing, where the patient cannot inspire sufficiently and the breathing feels obstructed when swallowing.

There is spasmodic closing of the glottis. Breathing is impossible when lying down and is difficult in the mornings, before menses and during palpitation. With every breath the patient feels he is inhaling sulphur fumes or as if there was dust in the bronchial passages.

Respiration is very short and the patient is obliged to gasp and catch his breath. Respiration is rough and sawing, and made better by walking and motion. Bromium is also indicated in pneumonia for suffocative attacks when the patient cannot expectorate. Bromium predominantly affects the upper respiratory tract, particularly the larynx and trachea. Another condition for which you will find Bromium very useful is laryngeal diphtheriaor croup, where the inflammation starts from the larynx and spreads upwards.

All who prescribe on the name use Bromium as one of their routine medicines; but Bromium is so seldom indicated that most homeopaths give it up as a perfectly useless medicine. The reason is that they do not take the symptoms of the case and prescribe in accordance with the individualising method. They do not prescribe for the patient, but for the disease. You may see very few cases of diphtheria calling for Bromium; but when you see a Bromium case you want to know Bromium.

There is one underlying feature of the Bromium conditions; they are found especially in those individuals that are made sick from being heated. If there is a diphtheria epidemic and the mother bundles up her baby until she overheats it, and keeps it in a hot room, and it happens to be a child that is sensitive to being wrapped up, and one whose complaints are worse from being wrapped up, look out.Below are the main rubriks i.

Brominism is caused by it. General failure of mental power, loss of memory, melancholia, anaesthesia of the mucous membranes, especially of eyes, throat, and skin; acne; loss of sexual desire, paralysis. Leading remedy in psoriasis. Nodular form of chronic gout.

Symptoms of apoplectic attacks, uraemic or otherwise; somnolence and stertor, convulsions, aphasia, albuminuria. Epilepsy with salt-free diet. Must do something - move about; gets fidgety Tarentula Hispanica Tarent. Fear of being poisoned Hyoscyamus Niger Hyos.

bromium homeopathy uses in hindi

Amnesic aphasia; can pronounce any word told, but cannot speak otherwise. Delusions, imaginations, hallucinations, illusions; paranoia; is singled out for divine vengeance. Dysphagia, especially of liquids Hyoscyamus Niger Hyos.

Effects of sexual excesses, especially loss of memory, impaired coordination, numbness and tingling in limbs. Pain; lower limbs; sciatica pain radiating from back along back of thigh ; come and go suddenly.

Amnesic aphasia; can pronounce any word told, but cannot speak otherwise Night terrors Horrid illusions Active delirium.

ब्रोमियम ( Bromium Homeopathic Medicine In Hindi )

Sensation as if bowels were falling out Cholera infantum, with reflex cerebral irritation, jerking and twitching of muscles Prostration Internal coldness of abdomen Diarrhoea, with much blood Green, watery stools Retraction of abdomen.

Urinary Organs. Female; Pruritus Ovarian neuralgia with great nervous uneasiness Exaggerated sexual desires Cystic tumors of ovaries.Hypothyroidism in most cases the result of the deficiency in Thyroid Hormone. Homeopathic Medicine Bromium 6c, for the most part, stay better for Hypothyroidism in spite of many other. Bromium 6c potency, chiefly the best potency works obviously if symptoms matched.

Homeopathy medicine Bromium 6c for hypothyroidism is available also in other potencies like 30c, c, 1m, and 10m. Among all 6c, potency is the top acting one. After that, Bromium 30c, as a rule, is the excellent one.

Bromium more than ever works in wide variety of potencies. On the other hand, Bromium 6c or 6ch, Bromium 30c of 30ch, Bromium ch, and Bromium 1M are helpful. Bromium must give in simple dosage. Two pills of the remedy take morning and evening for 15 days. Afterwards, observe the result and change over to next potency similar to Bromium 30c or c or 1M. Bromium 6c is not enough to cure. Consider higher potencies. Lycopodium, Calcarea carb, and thuja are other constitutional remedies. In conclusion, Bromium 6c work wonderfully in hypothyroid patients by means of hard stony glands.

A hypothyroid patient who feels undoubtedly take in better at the seashore. Dear Neelam, Let me know have your wife used Homeopathy for fibromyalgia and hypothyroidism or this is the first time. If so know me more symptoms regarding the problem and in general health about. Consult Now. Home About Research More. Share this Devendra Kumar MD Homeo.

International Homeopathic Consultant at Ushahomeopathy. I am a Homeopathic Physician. I am practicing Homeopathy since 20 years. I treat all kinds of Chronic and Acute complaints with Homeopathic Medicines. Even Emergency conditions can be treated with Homeopathy if case is properly managed.

Homeopathic Nux Vomica uses and side effects. Side Effects of Homeopathic Medicine Sulphur. April 19, at am. Generic selectors. Exact matches only. Search in title. Search in content. Search in excerpt.Below are the main rubriks i. It seems to affect especially scrofulous children with enlarged glands. Blond type. Enlarged parotid and goitre. Tendency to spasmodic attacks. Left-sided mumps. Sense of suffocation; excoriating discharges, profuse sweats and great weakness.

Complaints from being over-heated. Tendency to infiltrate glands, become hard, but seldom suppurate. Avoid milk when taking Bromium. Hydrobromic acid Throat dry and puckering; constriction in pharynx and chest; waves of heat over face and neck; pulsating tinnitus with great nervous irritability Houghton ; vertigo, palpitation; arms heavy; seemed as if parts did not belong to him. Seems to have a specific effect on the inferior cervical ganglion, increasing the tonic action of the sympathetic, thus promoting vasoconstriction.

Relieves headache, tinnitus and vertigo, especially in vasomotor stomach disturbance. Dose, 20 minims. Antidotes: Ammonium Carbonicum Ammon.

Salt inhibits the action of Bromium. Fan-like motion of alae Lycopodium Lyc. Bleeding from nose relieving the chest. Whooping cough Use persistently for about ten days. Dry cough, with hoarseness and burning pain Behind sternum. Better at sea, of seafaring men when they come on land. Hypertrophy of heart from gymnastics Rhus Tox Rhus. Fibrinous bronchitis, great dyspnoea.

Sensations in throat and air passages either from coughing, or causing coughing ; scraping; from larynx. Bromium Bromine, Bromum Brom. Bromium most popular Potencies 6C 30C C. Antidotes Antidotes: Ammonium Carbonicum Ammon. Stomach and Abdomen. Sharp burning from tongue to stomach Pressure as of stone Gastralgia; better eating Tympanitic distention of abdomen Painful hemorrhoids, with black stool.

Larynx voice box scraping, clearing scraping, clearing; evening Choking, constricting; throat-pit Sensation of coldness; on breathing Croup from being heated membranous during whooping cough extending to throat at back of mouth Inflammation; larynx; from getting heated Membrane, exudation, diphtheria, etc. Dry cough, with hoarseness and burning pain Behind sternum spasmodic cough, with rattling of mucus in the larynx; suffocative Hoarseness Croup after febrile symptoms have subsided Difficult and painful breathing Violent cramping of chest Chest pains run upward Cold sensation when inspiring Every inspiration provokes cough Laryngeal diphtheria, membrane begins in larynx and spreads upward Spasmodic constriction Asthma; difficulty in getting air INTO lung Chlorinum Chlorumin expelling.

Better at sea, of seafaring men when they come on land Hypertrophy of heart from gymnastics Rhus Tox Rhus. Fibrinous bronchitis, great dyspnoea Bronchial tubes feel filled with smoke. Female; Swelling of ovaries Tumor in breasts, with stitching pains; worse left Stitch pains from breast to axillae Sharp shooting pain in left breast, worse, pressure.

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